The process of selling your home can be somewhat frustrating without the help of a professional agent with local market expertise and the knowledge to assist you in the process. At GRI we know that every home is different and we take in to consideration the need to tailor our marketing plan in relation to every property to maximize profit while still maintaining basic underlining real estate marketing principles. From the initial consultation to signing in escrow your GRI agent will be with you each step of the way ensuring proper decisions are made and crucial deadlines are met. With constant communication we keep you abreast of any change in situation while staying focused on achieving our goal together.

1. Select a Real Estate Agent

Consult a few agents and select one that you feel suits your style the best. Select an agent who can provide you with the service you deserve and the results you expect.

2. Determine Market Value

Setting the right sales price for your home from the beginning is a crucial decision for the success of any home sale. If a home is overpriced it will sit on the market and deter potential buyers from even looking at it. If a home is under priced it could cost you thousands on potential gains. Your selected agent should be able to provide you with a market value assessment of your home and how it compares to comparable homes sold in the area as well as homes currently on the market.

3. Develop a Marketing Plan

With your agent's help you should be able to develop and understand a marketing strategy to maximize exposure and get your home sold. Every agent has different sales strategies and you should be able to discuss your expectations for a successful marketing campaign and your role in achieving the set goal.

4. Prepare Your Home for Sale

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression," is very true and it definitely applies to the marketability of your home. The key element to a successful home sale is how it shows to prospective buyers. From making cosmetic touch ups to eliminating clutter, your agent should be able to advise you on the things that can help your home have the mass appeal it needs to sell.

5. Market Your Home

The first weeks are a crucial time when listing your home. This is when advertising dollars and creativity get put to work. Your agent should be able to create the type of exposure needed to get your home sold.

6. Negotiating

Negotiating not only deals with price but many terms and contingencies also. In a perfect world no negotiating would be necessary but Realtors would be out of jobs and we obviously do not live in a perfect world. The hope is for both parties entered into a transaction to leave with a sense of victory. This is another reason to select an agent with comprehensive negotiating skills.

7. Close the Sale

Negotiations are now done and it is now time to finalize the transaction. With escrow and your agent helping you, you should be able to understand the necessary paperwork and complete any remaining elements of the deal to complete your successful home sale.

Natalie DiPasquale